Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you charge for a call out?
We do charge a £65 call out fee. However this is only applied on rare occasions. This is because we diagnose the issue, advise up front of any costs involved and then carry out the work. When the work is completed and the customer is satisified we issue an invoice without any call out fee.
How long will it take to fix my boiler?
We look to repair the boilers on the first visit but this is not always possible due to perhaps a specific part requirement. When this happens we order the part for an an overnight delivery so we are ready to fix the next working day.
How do I know what radiators to buy?

We always recommend a home visit when buying radiators. This is to ensure we take into account various points that are unique to your home. For example type of windows, age of property, if its a cold room, the location of the copper pipes etc etc. However, we install a lot of stelrad radiators the UK’s leading manufacturer so here’s a link that calculates the radiator heating output you need per room. Http://starsapp.Co.Uk/basic-heat-loss-calculator/

Can you get any brand of boiler?

We recommend Vaillant boilers because of the award winning range, 10 year guarantees , high quality build and excellent reliability. We also have access to any branded boiler with competitive pricing in place so if you have a boiler brand in mind and its suitable for your needs we are happy to fit.

What do I need to do before my new boiler gets installed?
All you need to do is make sure the area in question is cleared and any breakable items are moved and stored away. We will do the rest.
How much does a boiler cost?

Pricing starts from around £1750. Thats for an A-rated combi boiler with flue and parts and fitted by a gas safe registered engineer